The PERISCOPE Data Atlas | A Demonstration of Release v1. 2

The Data Atlas is the centerpiece of the PERISCOPE project’s data-driven research. The Atlas constitutes a centralized access point for the exploration, visualization and analysis of the original data produced by PERISCOPE partners, integrated with the most relevant information about the COVID-19 pandemic and its effects on health, economics, policy-making, and society at large. The Atlas interfaces and tools make such data readily available to the research community, decision makers and the general public, providing the means to amplify its reach and impact. The present demo, showcases the features of v1.2 release of the Atlas, 18 months from the project kick-off, and some of the planned enhancements to be delivered until project month 24.

This article is co-authored with Enea Parimbelli, Cristiana Larizza, Vladimir Urosevic, Andrea Pogliaghi, Manuel Ottaviano, Vincent Benoit, Daniele Pala, Vittoria Casella, Paolo Giudici and Riccardo Bellazi and has been available in the International Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Medicine since 2022.

Click here to access the manuscript.

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